Public Works & Utilities

The Department of Public Works is a multi-division department charged with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to the public as well as maintaining the City of Ashland’s infrastructure.


It houses the Engineering Department, Streets Division, Parks Division, Water and Wastewater Division.


Services provided by the Department of Public Works include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain, repair and improve city streets, alleys, sidewalks and bridges
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Street sweeping and roadway striping
  • Refuse and recyclables collection and disposal by contracted services agreements
  • Tree maintenance and removal in public areas
  • Provide safe and sufficient drinking water and water for fire protection
  • Clean, repair, reconstruct and maintain sanitary sewers and lift stations
  • Maintain, repair, and improve city storm water infrastructure
  • Survey, design, and oversight of local road and utility construction projects
  • GIS mapping and locates of buried infrastructure

2022 Updates - Week of July 25

The public works department is working hard to keep the public better informed of its projects and happenings. stay on top of the work being done - 


  • Tennis court at the Central Rail Yard Park will be resurfaced this week
  • Holes have been dug for a new sign at Prentice Park and should be installed this week.
  • Two sides of the fence and the pavement will be removed from the East End Park in anticipation for installing a basketball court.


  • Paving has started on 4th Avenue West. Public Works crew will start on sidewalk and boulevard restoration during the week of August 8.

  • A screen plan was brought into the City landfill to filer out rocks and particles for top soil to be used for 4th Avenue West and other project restoration. 

  • Spray patching will continue on Hwy 2 this week to prepare for line striping which will happen on the 2nd or 3rd week of August. 

  • Part of the 5th Street Corridor and the lakefront trail down by Blue Wave has been dug up. Paving on those sections should start next week.


  • Hydro Klean is in town continuing the cleaning of sanitary sewer lines on Hwy 2. They will move onto storm sewer cleaning later this week.
  • Ritola Inc. will start on sanitary sewer replacement on the alley between 7th Avenue East and Stuntz Avenue.
  • Utility/water meter reading will take place at the end of July.