Public Works & Utilities

The Department of Public Works is a multi-division department charged with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to the public as well as maintaining the City of Ashland’s infrastructure.


It houses the Engineering Department, Streets Division, Parks Division, Water and Wastewater Division.


Services provided by the Department of Public Works include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain, repair and improve city streets, alleys, sidewalks and bridges
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Street sweeping and roadway striping
  • Refuse and recyclables collection and disposal by contracted services agreements
  • Tree maintenance and removal in public areas
  • Provide safe and sufficient drinking water and water for fire protection
  • Clean, repair, reconstruct and maintain sanitary sewers and lift stations
  • Maintain, repair, and improve city storm water infrastructure
  • Survey, design, and oversight of local road and utility construction projects
  • GIS mapping and locates of buried infrastructure

2021 Projects

  • Cure in Place Pipe Project
    • The City of Ashland is currently completing a Cure in Place Pipe (CIPP) project with the contractor Michels. 
    • The CIPP project is a process where a “sock” is soaked in styrene resin, placed in the old pipe, and then cured using steam or UV light to harden it into a new pipe material. 
    • The project is being completed in sanitary sewer districts 1,2,7 and 8 with 90% of this project already completed. 
    • Michels will be providing door tags to effected residencies prior to work being performed.  Only those residencies receiving a door tag are asked to limit water use.


  • Block between 12th St W-13th Street W and 11th Ave W-10th Ave W and Block between 6th St E -5th St E and Willis-5th Ave E 

  • 2 blocks between 3rd St E-5th St E and Prentice-5th Ave and Block between N 3rd Ave E –N Prentice on St Claire 

  • 2 blocks between US2- 3rd ST E and Willis-Prentice and 1 block between US 2-Main St and 2nd Ave E-3rd Ave E