Appearing Before the Council

Addressing Issues on the Agenda

Any citizen may address any issue on the agenda by speaking at the public comment period at the beginning of the Council meeting. To comply with the Open Meeting Law, any matter that will be considered for action by the Council must appear on the agenda.

Rule of Citizen Participation are read before any citizen approaches Council. These are as follows:

  1. Citizens may speak during the Citizen Participation Period.
  2. If any member of the audience would like to speak outside of the Citizen Participation period, please raise your hand and wait for the presiding officer to recognize you. Audience members may speak outside of the Citizen Participation period only by approval of a majority of the Council. 
  3. Citizens will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes.
  4. Speakers will refrain from profanity and use of derogatory, accusing or inflammatory remarks.
  5. All citizens are entitled to advance notice of topics that will be discussed at Council and Committee of the Whole meetings. Therefore, Councilors and staff members will not respond to citizen comments during the meeting. They will only listen. The Council or Committee of the Whole, as allowed by the presiding officer may address the matter by putting it on a future agenda for discussion or by providing for some other kind of follow-up.
  6. The Council may not take action on any matter not on the agenda.

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