Licenses & Permits


The City Clerk’s Office processes and issues most City licenses. For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 715-682-7071.

Additional Licensing Resources

Class A, B, & C License Fees

Name of License
“Class A” Combination $600 + publication fee
"Class A” Retail $100 + publication fee
“Class B” Combination $600 + publication fee
"Class B” Retailer $100 + publication fee
Temporary "Class B” / “Class B” Retailer (Picnic Beer / Wine) $10 per day


Name of License
Arcade $25
Cigarette: Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Application forms

Coin Operated Game $20 per machine
Jukebox $15 per machine
Mobile Concession Street Vendor $50: surety bond required
Mobile Home Park $2 per space
Operator’s (Bartender: Licenses expire June 30): One Year
Operator’s (Bartender: Licenses expire June 30): Two Years $30
Pawnbroker $210: Bond Required
Recycling / Junk Dealer $50
Taxicab $25 per vehicle: insurance policy required
Transient Merchant / Solicitor: First Day
Transient Merchant / Solicitor: Each Additional Day