Sewer Back-Ups


If the sewer backs up in a home or business, oftentimes, an experienced person can predict where the problem is. If water backs up in the basement only when you flush a toilet, operate the clothes washer or run water in the building, chances are the problem is in the owner’s plumbing between the building and the City main in the street.

When to Notify the City

If the sewer is backing up in the basement when no water is being used, the problem is more likely to be in the City’s sewer main in the street. In this case, the owner, should contact the City immediately at 715-682-7061 (After hours 715-682-7054). Failure to report a possible problem with a city sewer main could result in significant damage. If a person is unsure as to the source or cause of a sewer backup problem, you are well advised to call the City first.