Disabled Parking Assistance Enforcement Council

The City of Ashland is required by State Statute to form and maintain a Disabled Parking Enforcement Assistance Council. Organization began when there were minimal parking spaces designated to be for those who were in need of this type of assistance. Today, this is regulated through the City’s zoning ordinances to allow for a certain number of spaces within a parking area or lot when development is in its earliest phase.

About the Board

The Council continues to meet as needed to address issues of those who are in need of signage to designate parking space near their home or a place of business, or to remove signage no longer needed. This is not to be confused with the rearview window hanger for handicapped parking; one would need to get those from the Department of Transportation.

Join Us

If you are interested in participating in this or any other volunteer committee for the City of Ashland, send your completed Offer to Volunteer form (PDF) to the Mayor at City Hall, or call the Clerk’s office at 715-682-7071.

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Members & Term Expiration

Name Position Term Expiration
Mary Jane Grande Chair August 11, 2026
Brian Munson   August 13, 2024
Carol Ante   August 13, 2024
Cheryl Wiezorek   August 11, 2026
Donna Griffiths   August 11, 2026
Vacant Council Representative