Waterfront development and comprehensive outdoor recreation plan (CORP) updates

Existing Plans

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Upcoming Citizen Input Results

On Thursday, July 11th at 5pm we will be holding the citizen input results from previous waterfront development and outdoor recreation sessions at the Hotel Chequamegon. The meeting will start with a presentation on themes that emerged and will then be followed by more discussion about moving forward. There will also be snacks! We hope to see you there and need your input to better the community!

Citizen Input Results


Please take this survey about Waterfront Development and Outdoor Recreation 

Thank you in advance, we appreciate your input! You can also send the link to friends and family who live in Ashland. 

citizen input results so far

Thanks to everyone who came out to voice their opinions on the waterfront development and outdoor recreation sessions. This was very helpful to see what citizen prioritize and want their city to represent. The following are the common themes from these input meetings.
  • Trails - Connecting to the lake and making the lake more visible; Updating current trails; Expanding trails to Washburn and/or even Bayfield 
  • Landscaping - Planting more native species; More open green spaces; Ecological restoration; Food gardens/forests 
  • Educational Science Center - Focus on hands-on and interactive exhibits; Various topics on the history of the area including indigenous cultures, forestry, and Lake Superior

2019 Superfund Site Calendar 

To see the calendar better, please right click on the photo, and click "open image in new tab". This will allow you to zoom in on the picture to read it clearly.