Community Policing

The Ashland Police Department recognizes that it has a role in solving community problems, as well as working with the community in crime prevention.

The Community Policing program provides an opportunity for police to collaborate with residents in the co-production of public safety. In order to facilitate these efforts, the City has been divided into four districts. Patrol Officer teams have been assigned to each district. Citizens are encouraged to reach out to their district team to report ongoing, non-emergency problems.

If an officer from your assigned team is unable to directly assist you (officers could be off for vacation, normal days off, etc.) with an issue or question, please call 715-682-7062 to get in touch with an officer that is currently working.

What is Community Policing?

It’s a joint effort between police officers and the community that identifies and solves community problems. This collaboration aims to reduce crime and improve quality of life.

Questions or Comments about Community Policing?

Learn more by contacting The Ashland Police Task Force. The Ashland Police Task Force came together to create a safe, constructive, honest environment for hearing and understanding relevant local concerns with racial justice and law enforcement within the Ashland City and Ashland Police Department, with the desire to improve our community by building bridges across racial lines and between organizations and constituents that do not usually work together.

Community Policing Teams Map with Wards

Team 1

Sgt. Jeremy Pajac

Email Team 1

Team 2

Sgt. Bryce Hall

Ofc. Steve Goodlet

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Team 3

Sgt. Matt Albertus

Ofc. Justin Gilbertson

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Team 4

Sgt. Mark Campy

Ofc. Chris Pupp

Ofc. Mitch Westlund

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