Lead Water Service Lines

Private Lead Water Service Replacement

The City of Ashland had obtained funds in 2017 from the State of Wisconsin DNR to assist homeowners in replacing lead water service lines (LSL) on private property for projects that result in full LSL replacements.

Continued funding has allowed the City to continue this project into 2022. The City will provide grants to cover 100% of the replacement costs. The following grant guidelines have been developed to prioritize funding:

  • Properties must not be used for commercial use.
  • The water service line must be comprised of lead and replacement of the private lateral must result in full LSL replacement on both the public and private side.
  • Funding is available for those residential properties that do not have lead on the public side.
  • 100% grant and rebate to homeowner to replace private lead laterals giving priority to individuals most susceptible to lead related effects.

Goal of LSL Replacement Project

The City’s goal is to assist in eliminating health hazards associated with private lead service lines. For the purposes of the SDWLP program, private lead water service line replacement means, the replacement of the existing lead water service line between the curb stop and the water meter within the structure.

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