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Posted on: June 9, 2020


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Beginning June 9 through mid-July, as weather permits a crew from Hydro-Klean, Inc. will be in town cleaning and televising sewer mains in multiple areas.   Cleaning the pipes and televising them will help the City locate spots where rainwater and other clear water sources can enter the sanitary sewer system causing sewer backups in basements and the waste water treatment plant to overflow.

The sanitary sewer lines are cleaned using high performance sewer cleaning equipment.  A cleaning nozzle is propelled from one manhole to the next using water under high pressure.  The nozzle is then pulled back to the starting manhole.  As the nozzle is pulled back, water scours the inside of the sanitary sewer pipe.  Any debris in the pipe is pulled back with the water. The debris is removed from the manhole with a vacuum unit.  If roots are found they are cut with a root cutter. 

This high pressure may affect your home’s sanitary sewer plumbing.  Residents should be aware you may experience gurgling or bubbling water in the toilet bowl or, in rare cases, splash out of the bowl.  The water that could come from this type of incident is from the bowl itself.  The common causes of air venting into homes during sanitary sewer cleaning are: air movement from normal cleaning operations, the use of higher pressure needed when cleaning sanitary sewer lines that have a steep slope, sewer lines running close to the building, a plugged roof vent, and the size and complexity of the home’s waste and ventilation’s system.  TO MINIMIZE WATER SPLASHING OUT OF YOUR TOILET BOWL, MAKE IT A HABIT TO KEEP THE LID DOWN.   You may smell sewer gas from your basement floor drains.  If this does occur, flush your toilet and pour water into your floor drains.  Sanitary sewer cleaning does not damage your sewer system.  The water that comes out is the water that is normally in the home’s system (drain traps), not the water from the sanitary sewer in the street. 

Further questions can be directed to the City of Ashland Public Works Department at 715.682.7061.

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