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Building Permit Application

  1. If work being completed by property owner, put "Owner"
  2. Required for new home build and commercial projects
  3. Note: For fence permit, record total length of fence being installed.
  4. Upload all project plans and confirmation of any state plan approvals here
  5. Please indicate what type(s) of permit is/are being applied for. Other permits for street cuts, right-of-way permits, water and sewer hookups may be needed and are available from the Public Works Department at 2020 6th Street E. If required, these other permits and approvals must be obtained prior to the issuance of the Building Permit. Building permits are required for all new construction and additions regardless of cost. If in doubt, please check first with the Building Inspection office. Permit fees will double for all work commenced prior to the issuance of the permit.
  6. Residential Projects
    Please obtain a new home construction packet for all required forms and procedures. No water service will be activated and no occupancy is permitted prior to the completion of the project and issuance of an Occupancy Permit.
    Valued at or over $5,000 or involves structural alteration regardless of cost (includes decks, porches and attached garages)
    Material cost over $1,000
    Material cost over $1,000
    Including additions to an existing detached accessory building (includes all new sheds, garages, gazebos, tree houses etc.)
    Private septic systems also require approval from the County Zoning Administrator (715-682-7014).
    Replacement Heating systems do not require a permit if it is being replaced with new unit of same size and design and in the same location.
    See Fee Schedule below for permit fee
  7. Commercial Projects
    Please see the Community Development office for a complete site plan submittal kit. No water service will be activated and no occupancy is permitted prior to the completion of the project and issuance of an Occupancy Permit.
    Submit two complete sets of the State approved plans
    Does not change the design, appearance or use of the existing structure.
    Replacement Heating systems require a submittal to the State and a local permit is required.
    Applies to new driveways or parking lots and expansion of existing driveways or parking areas
  8. Is there a need to obtain an additional permit to temporarily place a dumpster, barricade or similar obstruction in the City right-of-way?
  9. I hereby certify that this information is true and correct. I understand that the City is not responsible for any work completed under this permit. I agree to contact the Building Inspector at the appropriate times to arrange for required inspections.
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