Housing Authority

About the Board

The City of Ashland Housing Authority was established in 1971 when the need became evident of a need of sanitary and safe accommodations within the City. This Authority works to maintain housing codes to be up to State standards which includes availability of safe amenities such as plumbing and heating, discrimination against buyers, and fair practices of renters among many others.

Member Details

The Housing Authority consists of eight-member board, each serving a two-year term, and meet monthly at City Hall. If possible, the board is represented by each of the following groups: 

  • The banking industry
  • City Council
  • City landlords
  • City staff
  • Planning Commission
  • Realtors
  • Renters

Membership is appointed by the City Mayor.

Join Us

If you feel you could lend your expertise to this committee, send a completed Offer to Volunteer form (PDF) to the Mayor at City Hall, or contact the City Clerk’s office at 715-682-7071 for more information.

Members & Term Expiration

Name Position Term Expiration
Stewart Holman   January 9, 2024
Michael Anderson   January 22, 2027
Jennifer Eng   January 10, 2028
Mary Jane Grande   January 14, 2025
Kayla Sandstrom   January 13, 2026
Kathy Beeksma  Housing Authority Director