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July 1, 2020 8:00 AM


The City of Ashland Department Administration met to focus and discuss at length a number of issues related to our response and preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to be sure that we can deliver our most essential services in case our employees fall ill or are otherwise impacted.

Our number one goal is to trust the public health professionals, and act accordingly, to keep the public safe. The biggest focus is on ensuring that our first responders are equipped to do their jobs first and foremost.

We are also doing contingency planning around our City buildings where the public congregates, including the Vaughn Library, the Bretting Center and City Hall. All our departments, all of our City services could be impacted by this and we will do our best to maintain service while protecting our employees and the public.

At the same time, we know how important communications are in this type of effort. It is critical that we are sharing clear, accurate, and consistent information and messages with the public, through all of the avenues available to us. And we will.

For the most regular updates and tips, I suggest following the WI State Dept. of Health website, and Facebook pages, checking the city website, and the Mayor Debra Lewis Facebook page.

For now, I share these links on our city site (See UP TO DATE INFORMATION below)

*WI Dept of Public Health - Outbreaks
*CDC: News, updates, information and resources
*CDC: Travel Information
*CDC: What to do if You Are Sick
*CDC: Frequently Asked Questions

There will obviously be much more to come on this as the situation is fluid and changes daily. We are monitoring events closely and making our best effort to respond in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the worst is probably ahead of us. But we have our best people working on this. And we are doing our best to pull together. No one of us can do this alone.

Stay informed and up to date as the situation progresses by checking the CDC website often.

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