Public Records

The City Clerk is the custodian of all official records of the City, and maintains proceedings of the Common Council. Documents are available for public review during regular office hours. Common Council proceedings are published in the Daily Press.

Access to Records

Except as otherwise provided by law, any person has a right to inspect a record and to make or receive a copy of any record as provided in Section 19.35(1), Statutes. City Ordinance 133 (PDF), An Ordinance Governing the Maintenance and Destruction of and Access to City Records, provides additional details on the accessibility and maintenance of City records.

To formally request electronic or paper copies of City records please complete the online Open Records Request Form or download the PDF version of the  Open Records Request Form and submit to the Clerk’s office for processing. 


The cost of photocopying shall be provided in Ordinance 165 (PDF), the City of Ashland Comprehensive Fee Schedule. The actual cost shall be charged for providing a copy of other records not in printed form, such as films, computer printouts and audio or video-tapes, shall be charged. If mailing or shipping is necessary, the actual cost thereof shall also be charged. 

The actual cost of location of records will be charged; however, there shall be no charge for locating of records unless the actual cost exceeds $50, in which case the actual cost shall be determined by the legal custodian and billed to the requestor. The legal custodian will estimate the cost of all applicable fees and may require a cash deposit adequate to assure payment, if such estimate exceeds $5.


As provided by Statute 19.36, certain records are exempt from inspection. You will be notified if your request cannot be fulfilled because of its exempt status.

More Information

For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 715-682-7071.