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Welcome to the official web presence for the City of Ashland, Wisconsin. Ashland is located on the southern shore of Lake Superior in northwest Wisconsin. Local government resources available at this site include meeting dates and minutes, contact information for City Hall and city departments, and general information about Ashland’s history and current events.

Ashland Welcome Sign

Downtown AshlandMain Street Business District

Outdoor Life magazine ranks Ashland as one of the top places to live and enjoy the four seasons outdoors. The eight-block Main Street Business District, listed on the National Register for Historic places, is the background for a fascinating walk through Ashland’s past as seen through the eyes of Ashland’s mural artists Kelly Meredith and Susan Prentice Martinsen. Ten Artistic Murals, starting from the Corner of Ellis Avenue and Main Street and continuing on streets going west in Ashland’s Historic Downtown have become eye catchers for tourists and visitors coming to this beautiful city. The Murals depict people from Ashland’s past.

Other AttractionsPearson Plaza (1)

You will find a variety of lodging (from Bed and Breakfasts to Mom and Pop Motels to Chain Hotels and Motels) and many excellent restaurants to enjoy during your visit. The Artesian Wells are a must stop in Ashland’s city parks where you can quench your thirst with openly accessible spring water bubbling up from deep natural artesian wells. Shopping in a vibrant downtown has been a favorite pastime for visitors and locals alike for many decades. Many of the downtown shops are housed in beautifully renovated brownstone buildings, and are filled with unique merchandise awaiting your visit.