Permit Information

The City of Ashland issues various licenses and permits for it's businesses, such as alcohol, tobacco, coin operated gaming and jukeboxes, and arcades. All listed license are obtained through the City Clerk's office and expire on July 1 of each year (with the exception of a pet license). These are mandated by the Ashland City Ordinances and the Wisconsin State Statutes.

Applications should be returned with all required documentation and payment prior to consideration for approval.  

Mobile Concession Street Vendor requires an approved permit, and is described by Ordinance as "...engaging in the sale of concessions from motor vehicles... Concessions are defined as foods and beverages intended to be consumed at the point of purchase." 

Transient Merchant by Ordinance, is "...any individual who engages in the retail sale of merchandise at any place... temporarily" and requires an authorized permit prior to operations. Door to door sales is included in this category. 

Questions or concerns regarding licenses and permits can be directed to the City Clerk's office at 715-682-7071 or email @