Pet Licensing

Pet Licensing Application

  1. Pet Licensing Application
    Section 351.10, City of Ashland Ordinances, requires all dogs and cats five months of age or older to be licensed. Licenses can be acquired by submitting payment and updated Rabies records by mail, drop box or online. Animal Licenses are due annually by March 31st. A $5 late fee will be assessed if received after March 31. Please complete one form per animal/pet.
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  5. Submit a signed rabies vaccination certificate containing the following information: *Clinic Administering Vaccine and Date Administered *Vaccine Serial Number and Manufacturer of Vaccine *Expiration Date
  6. *Online Payment Fees Disclosure
    Charges from PSN will be passed along to the customer at the time of payment as below: E-checks = $1.00 Debit/Credit = 2.75% of payment (add $0.50 to fee for payments less than $100)
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