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Rental Units - Utility Account Change Form

  1. Utility Account Change Form - Rental Unit
    Please complete and submit this form if you are a tenant moving into a rental property or a landlord requesting utilities to be put in a tenants name(s). If you have any questions please contact the Utility Billing Department at 715-682-7056 M-F 8:00am-4:00pm.
  2. When you submit this form we will put in a request for a special final meter reading on the date you will need to start services in your name at this location.
  3. We must have at least a 48 hour notice to complete these requests and they cannot be completed on weekends and holidays. If you do not provide accurate information on this form it may cause a delay in your request.

  4. Landlord/Property Owner Information
    As the landlord/property owner for this address I accept the responsibility for informing the City of Ashland with any changes in occupancy. I acknowledge that I am responsible for working with the City of Ashland if utility access is needed to this property.
  5. Tenant Information
    As the tenant for this service address I accept the responsibility for payment of all City of Ashland utility charges associated with this rental unit during my occupancy. I understand that should I become past due, it could ultimately lead to a lien against my personal assets wherein my name could appear on the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automated Program (CCAP) as public record.
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